Success Stories

Success story of I.A.Y beneficiary of Bicholim Taluka

The beneficiary Mr.Gangaram Yeshwant Naik from Vadawal,Latambarcem, 62 years old belonged to very economically backward clas. He has to support himself and his family with meager income and hence the basic needs of life i.e food, clothing and shelter was out of reach of Mr. Gangaram Yeshwant Naik. He worked as daily wages worker, lived ina hut made of palm leaves and coconut leaves. He could partially protect himself and his family from sun, rain etc. 

Mr.Gangaram Y.Naik once attended the meeting held by T.A (DRDA) , the said beneficiary explained his condition. T.A (DRDA) gave the information of scheme which could help him to improve his living condition. The beneficiary immediately applied for the assistance under I.A.Y scheme. The file was submitted to DRDA (North) and his case was sanctioned and Ist installment Cheque of Rs.12500/- was released to him. he took up the construction work in prescribed time limit and forwarded request for 2nd installment & 3rd installment which was released to him after inspection by T.A DRDA & EORE. The beneficiary completed his house. 

The success story of Shri Gangaram Yeshwant Naik is and example to the people who belongs to unorganized sector. If people take inspiration and encouragement from the said beneficiary , they could too improve their living condition. The Govt. through various schemes especially under I.A.Y is putting efforts to support the community to improve the standard of living. 


Success story of Jaisantoshi Self Help Group, Mulgao, Bicholim, Goa

Jaisanthoshi SHG was established on 10/06/2004. In the beginning members of Village Panchayat, Mulgao, Smt.Tejaswini Bugde has called all the following members fo the group whose names are figuring in the BPL list of the village at the venue of Smt.Mohanbai Shirodkar residence on the above date. The meeting was also attended by Smt.Vasundara Rane, from DRDA, Panaji.

All the members of above established group with maximum amount of Rs100/- required fees per months of saving bank account presented the sum to the bank office, Branch Bicholim. The amount accumulated to the credit of the such amount of the members. The basis for which the Bak has sanctioned and disburse a certain amount of loan to start their own business namely viz. purchase and sale of coconuts, vegetables fruits jewelry & Tailoring etc. thus the members started their business activities daily drawing the loan from the bank and keeping the installments undefault of the loan granted to them. The DRDA has also sanctioned and disburse an amount of Rs.10,000/- to the group. The amount received from the DRDA has been totally depended to the credit of the savings bank account of group. The Group has also avail such facilities from the bank giving a profit in the business and established under the schem. Subsequently it is decided by the group to have a subsidized profession of jewelry in addition to the above business activities. Involving in the jewelry activities the group avails a loan of Rs.3,00,000/- from the Bank for performing business activities towards gaining the profit. Thus the group had gain an amount of Rs.90,000/- profit. Contrary the repayment of installment of loan obtains is regularly done without commutating any default for performing activities we have raised it total finance from the business undertaken. 


Success story of uneducated village BPL women, Thane- Dongurli , Sattari

This is a story of uneducated village BPL women of harijanwada, Thane- Dongurli who were unemployed and doing their normal housework although they had some skill. They were making items out of bamboo which was their day to day business. One day, these women visited the BDO office where they met the Technical Assistant (TA) OF drda who explained to them about forming a SHG. After selling Bamboo items, they were saving the money which was remaining with them and the TA of BDO office explained to them the concept of forming a SHG and how it would be beneficial to them. These women decided to form a SHG and named it ‘Savitribai Self Help Group’ Harijanwada and opened an account in State Bank of India, Thane branch, with an amount of Rs. 50/- per month.

Every month they were saving Rs. 50/- and depositing the same in the BANK. They had meetings every month and also and selected a President, Secretary and a Treasurer from the group. After completing one year, DRDA sanctioned them revolving fund and bank sanctioned four times of their savings i.e. cash credit facility i.e. Rs. 26276/-. Out of this amount, the group started making more items out of Bamboo and sold them in the local markets,. They took part in the SARAS exhibitions of Margao, Panaji and also at Mumbai. They got good response for their items in the exhibitions. After repaying full cash credit to the Bank, the group applied for loan of Rs. 1.50 lakh for which they got help from BDO office. On Rs. 1.50 lakhs loan, the group received subsidy of Rs 62,500 /-. With the loan and subsidy amount the SHG could increase their business and became self sufficient. They started making different varieties of items out of Bamboo and got good business.

The members of Savitribai Self-Hel;p Group are very thankful to the staff of VP Thane Dongurli , BDO and DRDA for assisting them in forming SHG and improving their financial position and their livelihood whose names were identified in the Below Poverty Linelist,. On their tour to Karapur village of Bicholim block they cam across the household of Smt. Ratnaprabha Chari who belongs to a Below Poverty Line family. On enquiry, it was learnt that the household is very poor as only the male member was working to maintain the family. Due to this, the family had to face lot of difficulties, as the earnings w ere insufficient for maintenance. It was also learnt that the lady had some skill but due to financial constraints she could not come forward. She was asked to gather more women and these women were willing to form a SHG group. Accordingly she gathered 10 women and these women were explained about the benefits that they would get if a SHG is formed under SGSY. They showed keen interest and started contribution of Rs. 100/- per month and opened an account in the Bank of India, Bicholim branch, which is a service area bank. They named the group as “Vithalapur Self-Help Group”.After completion of 6 months they were given revolving fund. They started making sweets, masala, ready made garments, crochet, embroidery etc. there was very good cooperation amongst themselves. With the revolving fund money they increased their business a little more and started selling their products in the local as well as city markets. Their living conditions improved as the women of the household also contributed in their respective households. Since their business was doing well they took a loan of Rs.250 lakh, which they have repaid. The Self-Help Group is also participating in the various exhibitions that are being held at State and National levels with their products. Their financial position has improved considerably and they now lead a comfortable life. Thus, due to the formation of SHG they were able to save some money which they could spend whenever the need arises. With the success of this group other women of the village got encouragement by this example and more groups were formed in that village. 


Strory of a group of undeducated Agriculture labourers in remote village at Vaigini Nachinola in Bardez Taluka.

Nachinola village is one of the village in Bardez Taluka 20 kms away from the capital city. Nachinola village people, mainly depends on agriculture for their livelihood .But their income from agriculture is very low and most of them belong to BPL families. During the non-season they do not have any alternative employment opportunities. Majority of the villagers are uneducated, and therefore were unaware of the schemes and programmes by the government. In this context, the Dy.Sarpanch of Village Panchayat Nachinola and Shri Eknath Shirodkar, APO , DRDA North Goa of interacted with the BPL families to get the benefit of DRDA scheme and explain how to form the self help group. There was a good response from the villagers to form the group under SGSY Scheme. The golden opportunity when came down at their doorsteps, which they never dreamt of , the people came together to form the group with great zeal and enthusiasm. One such group was formed by name as titled Ravalghadi Ravalnath Self Help Group Nachinola Goa formed under SGSY Scheme by the Motto of “promoting and developing agriculture activities”.
Shri Ravalghadi Ravalnath SHG group consist of 12 members. Each member contributes Rs. 100/- per month and as per guidelines the group opened savings account on 13.08.2003 at Bank of India Branch, Nachinola. Eatables and tailoring unit was the first venture of the group. Members of SHG meet on 6th of every month at 4pm, to discuss important issues such as monthly Monetary transaction; activities performed and scheme of Government etc. Each member takes great interest by sharing responsibilities. Group also participate in the social and other family welfare programmes. The members are interlarding their funds and regularly pays to the group meeting by which the contribution of Self Help group in day by day increases.

After nine months, the Self Help group is linked with bank to get the assistance of credit facility an amount of Rs. 30,000/- from Bank and Revolving fund subsidy of Rs.10,000/- from DRDA-North on 1.11.2004 for interlarding among the group members. The DRDA has given the training to the members through GIRDA, Old Goa on the maintenance of record and accounts of the group and also gave training for making of papad and pickle. Their group selected viable project, for purchase of Agricultural Eatables and tailoring etc. The group has received training like how to market and assess the quality of products. The bank sanctioned a loan amount of Rs.58000/- .After receiving the loan they gained confidence of the job they had undertaken and put in all efforts to make it a success which was a dream for them. 

The group members are getting good profit after selling open market and the members have also participated in various exhibition organized by DRDA office. The group members, mostly from BPL families pay regularly monthly installment and are happy and satisfied of their present situation, when they compare themselves to the days in which they had no savings. Their income started gradually increasing. Today Shri Ravalghadi Ravalnath SHG has become a symbol of unity. And other BPL families got encouragement to come forward to form such groups. In the Nachinola village, now a total of 5 groups have been formed under SGSY Scheme. The change today in this village and surrounding village is very positive . And large members of SHG, from economically poor background have now prepared themselves to break the barriers for their economic and social empowerment.



A meeting of the women was arranged at Mangueshi and 10 beneficiaries were selected and formed into a Self Help Group. The Self Help Group was named Manguirish Self Group, Mangueshi. The Chairperson of the Self Help Group is Smt.Anupama Dhavlikar and the Secretary is Smt. Sneha Devidas Gaonkar who was elected by the Self Help Group members. All the Self Help Group members belong to BPL category. The SHG was sanctioned cash credit of Rs.12, 040/- by the Bank and revolving fund subsidy of Rs.5000/- was also sanctioned for enabling the Self Help Group members to take up economic activities. 

The SHG members have taken up the activity of sea shell items. The raw material like shells is brought and then the same if processed. All the ten members are engaged in preparing different articles from the shells like necklaces rings, door curtains, flower pots , hand bags, flowers, show pieces and a lot of items which can be gifted to your dear and near ones. The SHG has availed Bank loan of Rs.0.080 lakhs on which subsidy of Rs.0.40 lakhs is disbursed. Each member put in hard work so that the SHG makes maximum profit. The items are displayed for sale at various tourists spot so that the tourists are able to see and buy these products. There is a great demand for these products from different people. 

The SHG members are also encouraged by the DRDA to participate in the various exhibitions arranged in the State and also they are deputed to the different States so that they can display and sell their products and also interact with the Swarozgaris of other States. The yearly turnover of the SHG is around Rs.0.80 lakhs.
Collective effort of the SHG members has enabled them to earn extra income and help their families with additional amount.